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Lead-Free Families New Jersey was designed as a resource site to educate the public about the existing dangers of lead poisoning in NJ. This past year the US government and NJ state government cut funding by 93% to lead prevention and abatement programs. In reality, lead poisoning is still a continuing danger to millions of children in NJ and across the United States. In NJ alone, nearly 77% of home were built prior to 1980 and lead-based paint was outlawed in 1978, which leaves a large majority of NJ homes at-risk for lead poisoning contamination.  Lead poisoning can have a significant impact on the health of children under the age of 6 including kidney, liver and brain damage, learning and behavior problems, and in some cases death.

On this site you can find educational resources on what lead poisoning is, what you can do about it, and other media.

This page is managed by the NJ Coalition for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities. The Coalition was created in 1985 as a resource network for government, community agencies, and the public to mobilize in an effort to prevent disabilities. We are a program of The Arc of NJ.

For general questions you can contact us at

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